Wednesday, October 27, 2004

my tops

i've been trying to compose a list of some of my top 5 and 10. here's what i've been working on.

top 5 baseball movies

1. the sandlot
2. a league of their own
3. hardball
4. field of dreams
5. the bad news bears

top 10 best quotes from sports movies

1. "it's suppose to be hard...if it wasn't hard, everyone would be doing it. the hard is what makes it great"
- a league of their own

2. "there's no crying in baseball!"
- a league of their own

3. "you play ball like a girl!"
- the sandlot (too many quotes from this movie to name them all)

4. "i've come here every summer of my adult life, and there she is lotioning and oiling, oiling and lotioning. I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
- the sandlot

5. "i am out here for you. you don't know what it's like to be ME out here for YOU. it is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that i will never fully tell you about, ok?"
- jerry maguire

6. "is this heaven?"
"no, it's iowa."
- field of dreams

7. "no one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around."
- rudy

8. "the best, the best, you always want the best. well, let me ask you this: what good is it being the best, if it brings out the worst in you?"
- ladybugs

9. "man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything."
- the karate kid

10. "i'm not looking for the best players, craig. i'm looking for the right ones."
- miracle

i'm sure i'm leaving out some really great ones. it was harder than i thought it was going to be. but that's what i have right now. i think i could think of top 10 quotes from the sandlot alone.

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