Sunday, October 03, 2004

i wish that i was a gilmore girl

it's sad and pathetic, but i must admit that i just watched the ENTIRE gilmore girls marathon on abc family. yes...i realize that it is 9 hours of my life i will never be able to get back. but it was fun hanging out in stars hollow with rory and lorelai for the day (i like living in my pathetic fantasy world).

so yeah, i'm a sucker for the WB. for some reason, the shows just get to me. some of them are very underappreciated and sadly, there's a quick turnover rate. but i have my shows. obviously dawson's creek, felicity, and now, one tree hill. and it was only about a little over a year ago that i actually started watching gilmore girls. not sure if it's because of the time slot it was in, or if i never gave it a chance, or what. but over the past year or so, i've become a fan. it's got some unique characters that are easy to fall in love with and identify with. and great writing makes it all the more interesting.
i learned that an average script for the show is about 80 pages, whereas most 1 hour shows average 50 pages of script. they say it's because of the quick paced nature of the show and the fast dialogue between most of the characters. i found it rather interesting.
i'm glad abc family has picked it up for their new daily lineup. now i know that if i'm bored at 5pm central time, any day of the week i can go back and visit stars hollow.

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