Sunday, October 24, 2004

i went "home" today!

yesterday i went back to the good ole' alma mater for some food, fellowship, and fun. HOMECOMING! what a great word to describe my weekend. says this:
A coming to or returning home.
An annual event at schools, colleges, and universities for visiting graduates.
that's exactly what it was for me...a college event for a graduate and a returning home.
i woke up yesterday morning to rain. lots and lots of rain. so i considered not making the hour trip to cheer on my tops to victory...but then i thought about what i'd be missing, excellent fellowship, a chance to get to see people i only see once a year, and some time away from home to clear my head. so i showered, packed, and headed off south. as i drove, the rain continued until i got about 20 mins outside of bg, then it turned into a nasty drizzle. i headed to the bsu because i had heard that there was an alumni gathering before tailgating. i walked into the room full of people of years past. friends. people i'd seen recently, and some i hadn't seen in over a year. as i talked and reminisced about old times and old friends i was taken back. back to a time when i had no idea what was ahead of me...a time when all i wanted to do was hang out and live each day for what it was worth...a time when i took my friendships for granted...a time and place where i knew i belonged...a time when i was happy. as i wandered around the building i realized that i had outgrown the place i once considered my home. i think i spent just as much time in that building as i did in my own dorm room. and it hit me. i can't go back. my time is up. it's not my home anymore. it will always hold a piece of my heart...but it's in my past. i went and tailgated in the rainy, muddy, patch of grass across from the football field that held so many memories of band contests, football games, homecomings past, and my favorite game of midnight football in pajamas one crazy fall night. i had fun, i ate some great food, i saw people i haven't seen in years, and i'm so glad i went...even if i was drenched from head to toe when i was definitely worth it.

i spent the night at jill's house and got up this morning and went to church. MY church. i was so excited about a kid in a candy store. i was running a few minutes late because of traffic, but i found an amazing parking spot in the front row. i walked in, climed the steps to the upper level and found a seat. and for the first time in months, i was home. i have never been to a church that makes me feel so at home. i was surrounded by people i didn't even know. i didn't see anyone that i knew, but i was completely comfortable and i knew they were family. jason got up to preach and i'm sure i sat there with a ridiculous smile on my face. i have no idea what it is about that church that i love so much. but i want that. i want it every day of my life...not just on sudays. the sermon was awesome (if i get some time, i might post my sermon notes). i left feeling more refreshed than i've felt in months of my own quiet times. it was exactly what i needed. homecoming.

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