Saturday, July 03, 2004

week 5, seriously?

i absolutely can't believe that we just had opening for week 5 of camp. seriously, we're over halfway done for the summer. i have no idea where the weeks have gone. from the short time i spent with my track group tonight, they seem like they're gonna be a great group. my goal is to be so much more intentional with them and to try to establish relationships on a deeper level than i have the last 4 weeks. i think i'm working on it and slowly building up to something great. my prayer is that i can get to know these kids and through forming relationships, i can better pray for them and help them grow in their walk with Christ. something totally crazy and random happened today. as i was walking out with my group to take them to my classroom for our first time together, i saw a guy who looked like this guy joe that i went to high school with. i just dismissed it as a crazy thought. then as i was walking out with my host group, i saw him again and i got a glimpse of his nametag, and low and said joe. after church group devotions, i was walking over to hang out with campers and he was standing there with some campers. now let me just say that he was younger than me, but we did have a drama class together, so i was banking on the fact that he'd remember me. so i walk up to him to give him a hand shake and he gives me this huge hug. it was fun. anyway, he just got married less than a month ago and he is working as a youth minister in MO. it was just crazy that there's someone here that i know. it's funny how it really is a small world afterall.

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